Angry Grad Student

1922 N Broad St #6

Phila, PA 19121

September 5, 2002

John Niven

1910 Liacouras Walk

Philadelphia, PA 19121

Re: Triangle Housing

CC: Donna Gray, Tim Hicks

John Niven,

I do not know if the employees responsible for Triangle Apartments are unable or unwilling to do their jobs. Either way, the results are unacceptable!

Last year I contracted to live in apartment 53, 1944 N Broad Street. Weeks before my arrival I called to schedule a check-in appointment. When I arrived there were buckets of paint, old paint rollers and other debris in my apartment. Luckily, I was only dropping some things off and picking up the keys. I complained to the RA that checked me in, Jamie Biancosino, and he said everything would be cleaned by my return one week later. When I returned one week later nothing had been done. I had to waste time waiting to talk to Tim Hicks and waste several more hours before the room was emptied of trash and cleaned. This was a great inconvenience to my family and I, in addition to making a poor first impression of Temple University.

This year I have experienced similarly horrible service from the staff at Triangle Apartments. I am currently living in apartment 6, 1922 N Broad Street. Again this year, I scheduled an appointment to move in before arriving. When I arrived on August 4th the apartment was not in good condition, in addition to the chair, desk and dresser I requested being absent. The problems are listed in the enclosed email I sent to Tim Hicks.

Tim ignored the email I sent on August 5th. I called and left a message asking Tim to call me on August 16th. Again, Tim ignored me. What is the point of your staff having email and voice mail if they are not going to respond to it? Shante Yelverton, a RA, called me on August 15th about my room assignment and she said she was unaware the problems still existed. She said she requested similar repairs to be made to my apartment in the beginning of the summer.

When I arrived on September 1st, none of the repairs had been completed! Not only was the furniture not in my room, the bed that was in my room on August 4th was gone!! After a long drive in the rain I did not need stress. On September 1st I had to spend hours calling people and waiting for a bed to arrive. The desk and dresser did not arrive until late September 2nd. I had to waste my time waiting to unpack and calling people to ensure I would receive my furniture. During my many calls on September 1st I asked Shante if she had followed up on any of the repairs she requested to see if they had been completed. She responded with amazement that I would ask such a question and that she should do such a thing. The ‘only do enough’ attitude among the employees stinks. The problems in my August 5th email have finally been addressed this week.

I have been paying rent for the entire month of August. I rightly expected my apartment to be ready for habitation from the day I arrived. The incompetence among your employees is inexcusable, but no longer unexpected. As a remedy for the above problems and the fact that I could not inhabit my apartment until September I expect my August rent money to be returned to me.


Angry Grad Student

encl: email to Tim Hicks