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watching obama’s victory speech at pizzaiolo

pizzaiolo patrons were treated to a glitchy but festive internet-streamed obama victory speech in the backyard:

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Eat Real Festival 2012 (sans Steer Butchery)

Oh hey!  Last month was Oakland’s annual Eat Real Festival and I returned to take pictures on September 22nd.  I will put up photos from the Flying knives steer butchery competition in a separate post.

Miss Pearl’s Jam House led a demonstration and discussion titled “Water to Table”.  This is a tuna.

Chef Eddie Blyden freaks out a local child with a giant fish:

The festival featured multiple beer pouring stations.  This one featured a refrigerated storage container filled with kegs.  Here, an Eat Real Festival volunteer poses for the camera after completing a pour:

Kids customized t-shirts at the new Kids’ Zone:

5733/LOAKal was there to represent:

Ice cream from Berkeley’s famous Ici, located in the wonderful Elmwood district:

Judges are a little critical of one entry in the Bare Bones BBQ Competition:

Festival-goers season their corn:

Homebrew winner.  Homebrew winner.  Homebrew winner:

Jamboree contest entries featured Ollalie Berry Jam, Tangerine Lemon Jelly, Lemon Orange Marmalade and Kumquat Chutney:

The start of a beautiful thai fruit carving:

Gorgeous autumn sun floods through Jack London Square:

A helper for Jack London Square newcomer, Forge Pizza takes orders:

American flags over Jack London Square:

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A retrospective: 3 years and 4 festivals with Ritual Coffee Roaster’s Sputnik

Here’s the 2012 version of Ritual Coffee’s Sputnik trailer from Eat Real Festival 2012.

From Eat Real Festival 2011:

also from Eat Real Festival 2011:

and Jenni at Eat Real Festival 2010:

and Eileen at Maker Faire 2010:


and Eileen at Eat Real Festival 2009:



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