Below is my story and documentation of the shittiness of Temple University's Graduate Housing-Triangle Apartments and the people that are responsible for Triangle Apartments.

Timeline of events

August 4, 2002 - drove to Philly to pick up keys.  I found apartment uninhabitable, despite the fact I called to make a check in appointment.

batteries missing from the smoke detector

missing a desk and dresser from my bedroom

exposed wires in my bedroom

cable outlet hanging from the wall

carpet near the air condition is stained

shade broke in my bedroom

stains on the carpet in the common room

unpainted patches to the wall

chipped paint near outlets and in the bathroom

filthy bathroom door

front of baseboard heater is loose

kitchen walls are dirty

missing ice cube trays


August 5, 2002 - wrote Tim Hicks, Resident Director, an email listing all of the problems. Notice how the email says not to ignore me?  Of course my email was ignored.

August 14 - Called Shante Yelverton, a RA, and she said she was unaware of all of my current problems.  In addition, she said she requested the problems in my apartment to be fixed long ago.

August 15- Tired of being ignored by Tim I figured I'd give him a call.  I called and left a message on his voice mail asking him to call me.  I left my phone number and when I could be reached.

September 1- Moved in.  NOTHING was fixed.  In addition, I no longer had a bed to sleep on.  I spent the day calling and complaining until I got a bed to sleep on.  The rest of my furniture did not arrive until Monday afternoon.

September 2 -Late in the afternoon my desk and dresser arrived allowing me to finally unpack.  Classes started on September 3.

September 9 - Dropped a letter off for Tim Hicks and Jack Niven, Director of Housing, documenting all of my problems.

September 16 -Spoke to Rose Something, about all of the initial problems.  In addition the ceiling began leaking.  Here are some pictures.

September 19 -The plastic bag I taped to the ceiling with duct tape, masking tape and box tape fell, dropping cups of shit brown water on me at 6am.  Not how I want to wake up.  I walked over to the Office of Incompetent Housing and demanded a meeting with Tim Hicks.  When I returned Tim Hicks was leaving, and blew me off.  He did not take the time to sit down and hear my complaints.  I told him if he did not fix my ceiling I was staying in a nice hotel in Center City until it was fixed and Temple was paying the bill.  Repair men were sent to my room and screwed a tarp to my ceiling.

February 20, 2003!!! - The tarp is still hanging from my ceiling.  I have yet to receive a response to my letter, but my account has been credited because of the gross incompetence on part of Temple Department of Graduate Slum Housing.

Near the end of the semester - They took down the tarp and patched the holes. The leaked a lot less than before, but there were still some drips and the ceiling sagged. The didn't bother to paint the patch job.

May 24,2003!!! - I graduated and left that dump. I strongly discourage anyone from attending Temple.

Another person unhappy about-university housing.

Temple University Housing

December 6, 2003

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