wandering manhattan in the rain


here are some shots from wandering manhattan on a rainy day.  I was feeling kind of ill so I kept it mellow.




moustache man” strikes again.  love it.

(since then he has been arrested .. sadface)






yarnbombing a trike.  that did not look easy.





chairs outside of the adidas store in soho





running from the thunderstorm

I happened to be on the high line when a thunderstorm hit.  scary clouds loomed over hoboken until suddenly the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the full-on thunderstorm hit.





I wandered chelsea a bit.





I saw this sad spectacle of a bike.  everything had been stripped except for the crankset, saddle, and brake posts.  is this proof that using an old chain to secure your saddle works?





 I hopped back on the high line.




drinking hearts





loved the lighting here