Sweatshop cafe, Williamsburg

Sweatshop Coffee, Williamsburg

Sweatshop coffee – what a nice minimal interior with muted greyscale tones.  Matching walls and t-shirts.  Non-minimal decorated tables and coffee-cup art.  Located at 232 Metropolitan Ave.  Two people were working with their laptops on the main table, I chose to have a quick seat on one of the small square tables.  Recommended by our generous hosts, we passed by the cafe almost by accident.  Beans once again by Counter Culture.

Sweatshop Coffee, Williamsburg Sweatshop Coffee, Williamsburg Sweatshop Coffee, Williamsburg Sweatshop Coffee, Williamsburg

Cafe Devocion in Williamsburg

Devocion Coffee, Williamsburg

Oliver Strand and the Scoop weren’t kidding.  Beautiful indoor space, bathed in flowing light, with a bright green living wall and exposed brick.  Bright yellow signage and demitasse cups and saucers.  The coffee was darker than I’d like but it was fine.  I think the barista was in a bad mood as he made a face and seemed annoyed at me for asking about their coffee options.  Yes, they are all Colombian.  I don’t want to knock on their service completely, though.  The other staff member behind the counter, she smiled in warmly and wished us a nice day as we were exiting that left us feeling like we started the day right.

Devocion Coffee, Williamsburg Devocion Coffee, Williamsburg

new york again

the order is all mixed up, but that is okay

looking out the window at the spotted pig in the west village


we walked to hudson river park to look at new jersey


dept of well being


in the fog: midtown



in the fog: manhattan, across the east river


espresso at sweetleaf in williamsburg


a la marzocco



it was a rainy day and football was on the television but we walked to neighborhood coffee joint WTF coffee labs where asio happily posed and shared coffee insights


and I had another shot



but before that even.. where were we?  ah, sit and wonder.



and we had a donut from dough


Brooklyn shots

I wandered around Williamsburg for an afternoon.



sad christmas trees.


sad “no bikes” sign.  or awesome “no bikes” sign.


pigeons over bedford ave.


And a skateboarder