Eating About Beer 2012 Homebrew Dinner

January’s 2012 Homebrew Dinner hosted by Eating About Beer was another great evening of good food, good brews and good company.

I arrived early to take photos of the set-up.  Erin’s place in San Francisco had beautiful natural light and nice floral arrangements.




And a big dictionary.


Dishwashing, viewed through the window into the laundry room.


This sauce was for the Yakitori


There is an equal amount of beer in bottles and in kegs these days


homemade pickled mangoes


and carrots


They have a lever that opens the front door.  What are these called?  The internet isn’t helping me.


Yakitori and dipping sauce.  Chicken hearts and “regular” chicken too.


Cast iron coming out of the oven


Guests await more food and beer




“Inside-out stuffed duck”  – Ground duck wrapped in dressing with a cherry molasses reduction.


9Sev Brew – Born in Maine Brewed in  Cali.  This pumpkin spice ale was paired with the inside-out stuffed duck above.


Ginger cake with a poached pear and whipped cream.


The chefs and brewers came out at the end for a toast.


Photos of the Eating About Beer Summer homebrew potluck in Humanist Halll

This summer’s Eating about Beer Summer Homebrew Potluck (2011) was hosted at the Humanist Hall this past September.  It was a festive event, but I was struck by how simple, peaceful, and colorful scenes were in the venue.


Berry pies


Proceeds went to the Alameda Point Collaborative.


Behind the curtain


Homebrew by Eric


hops in jars


and homebrew in a bucket


there’s a little kitchen at the Humanist hall, which maintained the same bright, solid colors of the rest of the venue.


donation money jar




Eating About Beer Winter 2011 Dinner Part 1

The 2011 Winter Eating About Beer dinner was held at the Commonwealth Cafe and Public House in Oakland this past Sunday.  Here are the photos that I took of the event.


Terrariums in the window.  It was a rainy sunday but the lighting in commonwealth was great.









Preparing endives for the first course





Kitchen knives





On the wall





Frying pheasant skin





Those glasses need an anti-reflective coating





Potatoes being cut prior to frying





Crispy pheasant.









Commonwealth’s coffee condiment counter





Discussing pre-dinner activities





The Eating About Beer crew in the kitchen





Awesome flower arrangements.





game face.










Frying the “belgin-inspired crispy potatoes”





Scallions to later go with cheese and sausage





Commonwealth’s storefront, telegraph side.





The menu





The first guests start checking in





Plating the endives





seated, awaiting the first course





handling the marinated daikon





the plating continues










First course: Endive with roasted pheasant and hazelnuts – paired with a scottish heavy 70 shilling ale





The chefs discuss the first course










Pouring homemade sake





plating of the onigiri





second course: a deconstructed sake bomb with umeboshi onigiri and marinated daikon













Guatemalan longaniza sausages, cooking





describing the second course


more photos to come.  If you need more of a fix, check out the last eating about beer dinner.







Eating About Beer 2010

this past weekend, about 32 of us were treated to an eight-course beer-paired culinary adventure: eating about beer 2010.  More extensive descriptions of the event will be written by the makers in the near future, so for now just I’ll share a few pictures:

homemade sopressata

sopressata, cured at home

pickled veggies

“a selection of seasonal pickled vegetables” arranged symmetrically


homebrews in fancy packaging


buckwheat soba noodle making

avacado cutting

homebrews on ice


soba going through the pasta maker

for the fritters

topping for the sicilian chickpea fritters

pickled veggies

pickled vegetables cut up for serving

beer model

marzen model


soba with cale, shredded daikon and dipping broth


peruvian ceviche


ratatoullie with cheese scraping


pork chop




adding wheatberries to the salad


mustard, in nugget dipping containers


nuggets, with dipping containers, in serving boxes


fancy napkins for the nuggets


tapioca with a hazelnut and coffee shortbread cookie

the eab crew

the eab crew at the end of the night

beer 2 brakers 2010

I went to the 2010 beer 2 brakers ride on Saturday for San Francisco Beer Week.  My friends Israel and Bill (in a “Eating about Beer” side project) started the day with a “Beer for Breakfast” pairing at cafe la paz and then we rode off to wave “hi” to Speakeasy, and then back into SoMA to visit Thirsty Bear.  From there, the crew rode to Gordon Biersch and then Mojo Cafe and then to the beach.  Here are some photos from the event.

Beer for Breakfast: 1st Course – Escarole / Arugula / Watercress Frittata + Marin’s Hefe Weiss / Blue Frog’s Hefe Weizen

folks enjoying french pressed coffee from cafe la paz

chuey taps the first keg of the morning


…are served

2nd Course - Tacos de Huevoz con Chorizo with Salsa Verde Cruda + Magnolia's Prescription Pale Ale
sharky hooking up the espresso
3rd Course - Chocolate / Smoked Bacon Fat Glazed Donut Holes + Anchor's Porter
people gathering outside prior to the start of the ride
en route to speakeasy
en route to speakeasy
en route to speakeasy
en route to speakeasy
riding circles in the speakeasy parking lot
headed to thirsty bear
thirsty bear
thirsty bear
chuey outside of thirsty bear