2012 Temescal Street Fair Photos

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly

Here are photos from the 2012 Temescal Street Fair that kind of go along with the time lapse:

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly serving up her bread pudding


The John Brothers Piano CompanyThe John Brothers Piano Company play on Telegraph Ave


The John Brothers Piano Companya duet?


Oaklandish trailer

Oaklandish bus.  still trying to get my keep oakland fresh t-shirt.

And now for the dog section of this blog post:

suspicious dog

suspicious dog is sususpicious

where are your eyes dogcurious dog with hidden eyes is curious



small dog syndrome dog

small dog has small dog syndrome.  except with jason.

This is the part of the blog post where I post pictures of people checking out Jason and Alfie and Lisa’s bikes:

 dude checking out bikes

Is this guy looking at the waterford or the softride beam? (softride only makes trailer hitches and bike rack accessories now? how sad)


another dude checking out bikeswhat about this guy?


hacienda zuleta

hacienda zuleta cordia lutea - yellow geiger tree?

We made a short day visit via congested highways and a bumpy dirt road to Hacienda Zuleta, self-described as a “17th Century Luxury Eco-farm” in northern Ecuador, about 2 hours northeast of Quito.  They grow almost all of the food that they serve, with one exception being rice.   They’ve got a giant worm-composting area for treating compost and manure.

We did not spend more than a few hours here, but it was a beautiful, beautiful place.

dog at hacienda zuletawelcoming dog, on bench


hacienda zuleta receptionreally nicely done interiors


hacienda zuleta rosesroses everywhere


hacienda zuleta geraniumsgeraniums.  I don’t really like geraniums as plants but they worked really well in this bright walkway.


hacienda zuleta libraryroses in the library


hacienda zuleta


hacienda zuleta dogsleeping dog.  look at those paws!


hacienda zuleta cordia lutea - yellow geiger tree?I think this is a yellow geiger tree – cordia lutea


hacienda zuleta churcha small church



hacienda zuleta flower


hacienda zuleta cheese factory coatsthere is a small cheese factory at hacienda zuleta.  these are labcoats for their tours.  milk is sourced from their own cows and they buy additional milk from local families in the village.


bizcocho in cayambeon the way back to Quito, we stopped in Cayambe for bizcocho.  they were buttery and crumbly and more savory than sweet with a hint of anise.


bizcocho in cayambebizcochos calientes, as the neon sign indicates


ridiculous sunsetas we continued south, we were treated to a ridiculous sunset over the western andes


At the Medlock Ames tasting room with Angry Christina mustard

I spent some time at the Medlock Ames winery tasting room (which includes the Alexander Valley Bar) photographing and enjoy a pickling seminar given by my friend Eric, founder of Angry Christina.


Here are some photos from the event.

produce for the picnic.  Watermelons, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and carrots.






bread in a basket.  The lighting in the bar was wonderful.





Crocks and jars with pickles and pickled carrots.  The stoneware crocks have a little “moat” around the rim that is designed to seal the pickling contents from outside air when filled with water.





Ringo watches carefully





Colorful potatoes





angry christina mustard









The Alexander Valley Bar has some pretty sweet decorations.





There’s a large garden outside of the Medlock Ames tasting room and a few sunflower fields just in front of the grape vines.





Pears ready to be sliced for salad.





Heirloom tomatoes for the salad





Pear slicing





Onion slicing





The dried and crushed sumac berries added a lemony taste to the onions





The picnic table outside had a custom trough that could be filled with ice to keep the wine cool.  The ice trough was very well done and was perfect for the day.





Potatoes, tossed in salt, angry christina mustard, and olive oil and then roasted in the wood oven.





Adding a little more seasoning to the potatoes





Pickling demonstration





Lunch is served





waiting for table scraps…






Around the neighborhood

A break from the biking for some photos from around rockridge:



Simon.  He said he was trying to see his family on Easter.  He talked about his sister in Emeryville and his dad who’s 82.






Outside of Cole coffee, dogs wait for their owners to finish their drinks