2012 Temescal Street Fair Photos

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly

Here are photos from the 2012 Temescal Street Fair that kind of go along with the time lapse:

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly serving up her bread pudding


The John Brothers Piano CompanyThe John Brothers Piano Company play on Telegraph Ave


The John Brothers Piano Companya duet?


Oaklandish trailer

Oaklandish bus.  still trying to get my keep oakland fresh t-shirt.

And now for the dog section of this blog post:

suspicious dog

suspicious dog is sususpicious

where are your eyes dogcurious dog with hidden eyes is curious



small dog syndrome dog

small dog has small dog syndrome.  except with jason.

This is the part of the blog post where I post pictures of people checking out Jason and Alfie and Lisa’s bikes:

 dude checking out bikes

Is this guy looking at the waterford or the softride beam? (softride only makes trailer hitches and bike rack accessories now? how sad)


another dude checking out bikeswhat about this guy?


east bay mini maker faire

East Bay Mini Maker Faire was rainy but fun.  The mini-sized faire made for a much more manageable experience than the gigantor (but awesome) hodgepodge of overstimulation that is the full-scale bay area version.  it was held at the park day school in temescal.  originally scheduled to be mostly outside, the planners did an excellent job with the rain contingency plan.

arduino lilipad for an electronic quilt project

Lilypad arduino – part of the woven futures digital quilt project

park day school lighting

park day school lighting

skull with LEDsLED skull

eggbot does halloweenthe eggbot does pumpkins for halloween as well.  It looks like the marker holder is hinged so that it just rests on the surface, which is helpful for not-quite-round surfaces like little pumpkins and gourds.

LED throwie

LED throwie

world's smallest postal serviceworld's smallest postal service

Photos of components of the world’s smallest post service kit from leafcutter designs.  Pretty awesome idea.  They send you a real letter with teeny writing and a magnifying glass for reading.  Comes with a custom wax seal, stamp and all.  check out their video.

forging by the crucible

forging knives via the crucibleice brainice brain by anja ulfeldt

such a cool project – it’s a growing (and shrinking) ice brain.  Refrigeration coils form the brain and water vapor in the air condenses and then freezes onto the coils.

Taste of Temescal 2010

This year’s Taste of Temescal was Tuesday, September 14th.  For $30 (proceeds went to the Women’s Cancer Resource Center, Good Cents for Oakland, Lion’s Center for the Blind, Emerson Elementary School, Claremont Middle School and the Oakland Tech PTO) you got about 20 tastings of enough tasty food to get painfully full – if you chose to eat it all yourself.  (Note to self:  split the ticket next year)

Los Malcriados, playing in front of Aunt Mary’s Cafe:

“Texas Caviar” (black-eyed peas), salpicon (shredded beef? pork?), and a sweet potato bar from Aunt Mary’s Cafe:

Remedy, serving scones, some of Ritual‘s La Folie drip coffee, and artful barista poses:

Chioke from The Dime

DJ Crimson and The Dime in front of Kasper’s Hot Dogs on 46th:

Raciel from Tara’s Organic Ice Cream serving a variety of flavors – vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon verbena, turkish coffee, blueberry mint, and strawberry and mango sorbets.  Blueberry mint’s my favorite, but I went with the sorbet this time.

Barlata had paella again..

The akido institute was not serving food.

Scream Sorbet, who are opening their store “soon”.  (it’s all good, they’re still at the farmers markets)  I had a delicious citrus fennel sorbet.

Bakesale Betty.  I had their chicken pot pie and banana bread, but only ended up with a picture of coffee cups.  they are so damned nice.

miam.miam in rockridge to serve blue bottle coffee; scream sorbet opening soon in temescal

update: you can expect to see some wild-looking mugs at miam.maim: http://www.unitedbrands.us/miam/miammiam-mugs/fallseries.html

yet-to-open cafe/lounge miam.miam (5856 college ave)  just posted a huge blue bottle banner in their window.  after having a banner in the window promising frozen yogurt in “summer 2009” and then “holiday 2009” from peeks into their front door, it looks like they’re finally getting closer to opening.   The huge banner is a little misleading – the size of it makes you think that blue bottle is actually opening at that location, but not so.

Bittersweet, just down the street also serves blue bottle (or at least they did last time I was there), so miam.miam isn’t alone.

this gets me to thinking – blue bottle’s got a pretty strong brand going if cafes are clamoring to serve their coffee and use it in their advertising, right?

on a slightly related note, scream sorbet is opening up a shop at 51st and telegraph in temescal (5030 telegraph ave), 2 doors down from bakesale betty.  they’re scheduled to open in June, according to a not-fake poster.

they’ve got a hilarious set of fake posters in the window:

scream sorbet posters

hilarious fake ads and websites:

squidazzle!  Bringing squid and squid-based technologies to the greater bay area since early 2010.  We’ll make you aware what the squid has to share”

the root seller: your year-roud source for roots and tubers”

“the mauve emporium: love mauve? so do we!  finally, the store that’s nothing but mauve.  If it’s arguably mauve… we’ve got it!”

TROUGH: food by the minute – Grand opening special!!! Only $9.99 for 10 minutes!  That’s less than a dollar a minute!!” (looks like landing page is broken)

MARZIPAN MADNESS – The DIY almond paste sensation that’s sweeping the nation!”

temescal street fair 2010

Today was the 7th annual Temescal street fair along Telegraph ave in Oakland between 45th and 51st avenues.

temescal street fair banner

Berta Olivia y su mariachi performed an impressive set near 51st ave:

berta olivia y su mariachi

there was a train (with a horn) for the kiddies:

train for the kiddies

oakland recycles and composts:

oakland recycles and composts

I couldn’t resist stopping by the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.  I’d sadly never been in there.  There is so much awesome junk just begging to reused (or “upcycled” if you will):

cassette tapes at the east bay depot for creative reuse

awesome drawers of markers and pencils with scribble marks everywhere (of course!)

markers at the east bay depot for creative reuse

Raciel and Tara  (and sorry, I don’t know your name) from Tara’s Organic Ice Cream at their tent:

tara's organic ice cream

Bartender at Barlata:

bartender at barlata