Truckee and Donner Lake

Truckee and Donner Lake, March 2014

donner lake

donner lake

donner lake

those are birds


ski lifts at sugar bowl ski resort

sugar bowl ski resort

donner lake, from rainbow bridge apparently aka the donner memorial bridge

from rainbow bridge, a view of donner lake

our wonderful hosts treated us to blueberry pancakes with olallieberry and maple syrup

blueberry pancakes in the morning

hike on the negro canyon trail and crazy layered clouds – are these lenticular?

view from negro canyon trail

looking the other way:

view from negro canyon trail

tanner, and look at those drool trails

tanner and insane drool

well-deserved burgers from burger me with quite a bit of onion ring on top

hamburger with onion rings at burger me

Port Costa and Crockett

The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

With some time to spare before the wedding, we drove our rental car up to Port Costa to walk around for a little while and have some lunch.  It was a treat.  We looked out across the Carquinez strait and then meandered through the tiny town.

We were greeted by chickens driving a pickup truck, some sweet old cars, and this old theater sign:

ATE - Port Costa, CA

We first walked into the Burlington Hotel cafe to and got a plate of bacon (Thanks Rob!) and some coffee.  The cafe, like the exterior of the hotel is bright and inviting.

The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

The bacon was predictably delicious:The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

But it was also a treat to walk around the hotel.  Port Costa was a former port for wheat-shipping and the hotel was built in 1883, soon after the Port Costa was founded.


The lobby:The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

Antiques sign, across the stairwell:The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

We even got to peek into a few of the rooms.The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

The entrance to the Bertha room:The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CACaffeinated and baconated, we checked out Wendy Addison’s Theater of Dreams studio:

The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

The Burlington Hotel Cafe, Port Costa, CA

and then elected to grab lunch at Crockett rather than eat at the Warehouse Cafe.  Another time.

We ended up at the Valona Deli and I took this photo in the bathroom:Baseball at the Valona Deli, Crockett, CA

The Mill Cafe and Bakery in San Francisco

fresh bread at the mill in san francisco

It was Bay to Breakers 2013, but we went across the bay, dressed normally, to get coffee and bread at The Mill.

fresh bread at the mill in san francisco Above: loaves of bread on wire racks.

four barrel coffee at the mill in san francisco

The cappuccino made with four barrel coffee in a nuova point cup was enjoyable. rosetta of the day: heart

interior of the mill in san francisconice interior with natural light

cinnamon and sugar with butter toast on country bread at the mill in san francisco

their toast was great.  cinnamon and sugar and butter on a sourdough country loaf.  thick, chewy, robust crust.

fresh bread at the mill in san francisco

mmm, delicious bread.  dancing food prep dude was into the music.

what I did in new york in december


pasta at giovanni rana

fresh pasta at giovanni rana in chelsea market

high line

The Standardshaftway


cable lockthis bicycle is not like the others

nyu : bobst library NYU’s Elmer Holmes Bobst Library

hello park avenue

this one had no trouble posing.  chocolate labrador?constructionconstruction.  we took a little peek into an unattended construction entrance.

obligatory subway shot

obligatory subway shot – Lorimer St/Metropolitan Avecafeteria garbage - bed-stuy

cafeteria waste in Bed-Stuystencil

stencil + marker + drips?snow in the flatironsnow in the flatiron district

pi door handles at MoMath pi door handle at the Museum of Mathematicssteam steam

good bye, new yorkgood bye, new york

Eat Real Fest 2010 Part 4

— update: 09/26/12 – I realized that I had never posted these.  From the archives, this is Eat Real Festival 2010.


Crowds of people at Eat Real Fest 2010

Flag and palm trees above Jack London Square

eat real festival balloon against the blue skies of oakland: “our pitmaster can smoke your honor student” – Jim N Nick’s BBQ

Jenni and the ever-photogenic Sputnik by Ritual Coffee Roasters:Jenni

Last days in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Carlos weaves palm leaves

Our last two days in the Ecuadorian Amazon consisted of more day and night hikes and canopy tower visits.

Carlos weaves palm leavesCarlos showed us how the woven thatch roofs of the cabins are made.


Railing grows a leafI was really surprised to see new growth on branches that had obviously been cut a while back.  This branch was used as a hand-rail but still had a few fresh leaves.  Is it the humidity that permits this?


Amazon wood lizard - "Man of the Forest" aka "Sacharuna"I think this is the Amazon Wood Lizard (Enyalioides laticeps) aka aka “”Guichenot’s Dwarf Iguana” aka “Sacha runa”


Perhaps the bluntheaded tree snakeI think this was a blunthead tree snake (Imantodes cenchoa)


The market in Cocamotorbike at the market in Coca


palmetto weevil grubsPalm weevil grubs (rhynchophorus palmarum?) aka Grugru with yucca.  The larvae eat palm hearts.  The grubs were covered with some type of sauce and then grilled.


palmetto weevil grubI thought they were kind of gross.  The sauce gave it a sausage-y flavor.  The skin had a sort of tough texture and the inside was kind of mushy.  The head was crunchy.


coca colaA photo of Coca Cola stockpiles that I took while waiting for our ride to the airport.


schoolgirls in cocaschool girls in Coca


2012 Temescal Street Fair Photos

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly

Here are photos from the 2012 Temescal Street Fair that kind of go along with the time lapse:

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly

Hannah from Doughnut Dolly serving up her bread pudding


The John Brothers Piano CompanyThe John Brothers Piano Company play on Telegraph Ave


The John Brothers Piano Companya duet?


Oaklandish trailer

Oaklandish bus.  still trying to get my keep oakland fresh t-shirt.

And now for the dog section of this blog post:

suspicious dog

suspicious dog is sususpicious

where are your eyes dogcurious dog with hidden eyes is curious



small dog syndrome dog

small dog has small dog syndrome.  except with jason.

This is the part of the blog post where I post pictures of people checking out Jason and Alfie and Lisa’s bikes:

 dude checking out bikes

Is this guy looking at the waterford or the softride beam? (softride only makes trailer hitches and bike rack accessories now? how sad)


another dude checking out bikeswhat about this guy?