Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens disassembly and repair

I’m in the process of slowly modernizing my website.  This was originally posted on 02.03.07. 

A few months ago, I accidentally dropped my camera with my 10-22mm lens attached.  As I was picking up my camera bag, my camera fell out from about waist height because I hadn’t properly closed my bag. When I picked up my camera, I realized that the lens had sustained the brunt of the impact.  There was obvious mechanical damage and I could see ribbon cable where it shouldn’t have been.

So of course, I had to open it up,  Here are some photos from the disassembly and repair.  Ultimately, the lens had only sustained mechanical damage and I was able to repair it without much difficulty.

The broken lens

After removing the screws of the mount

Partially disassembled

You can see here that all three plastic mounts broke.

The focusing ring

Luckily, all of the broken pieces were still attached to the mounting screws.  I guess thanks go out to Loc-tite for that.

I mixed up some Scotch-Weld and let it set.

After a day or so, I sanded down the creases.  I put everything back together and it works great.