bica coffeehouse, oakland, ca

Bica Coffehouse (5701 College Ave, Oakland)  just opened today across the street from Rockridge BART.  It replaces Cafe Lyon, which closed last May.  I had an espresso made with coffee from De La Paz’s 14th St. Espresso blend.  It was nice and brewed well on their La Marzocco Linea.  A bit bright, citrusy and a little sweet.

(Pardon the less-nice iphone photos)

de la paz 14th st espresso via bica coffeehouse

They plan on rotating their coffees between Flying Goat, Ritual, De La Paz, Verve and Barefoot about every 2 weeks.  In addition to coffee, they also offer teas and a few different types of pastries from Bisbane Bakery.

saw this on the way home:

I heart zombies

“I heart zombies”

beer 2 brakers 2010

I went to the 2010 beer 2 brakers ride on Saturday for San Francisco Beer Week.  My friends Israel and Bill (in a “Eating about Beer” side project) started the day with a “Beer for Breakfast” pairing at cafe la paz and then we rode off to wave “hi” to Speakeasy, and then back into SoMA to visit Thirsty Bear.  From there, the crew rode to Gordon Biersch and then Mojo Cafe and then to the beach.  Here are some photos from the event.

Beer for Breakfast: 1st Course – Escarole / Arugula / Watercress Frittata + Marin’s Hefe Weiss / Blue Frog’s Hefe Weizen

folks enjoying french pressed coffee from cafe la paz

chuey taps the first keg of the morning


…are served

2nd Course - Tacos de Huevoz con Chorizo with Salsa Verde Cruda + Magnolia's Prescription Pale Ale
sharky hooking up the espresso
3rd Course - Chocolate / Smoked Bacon Fat Glazed Donut Holes + Anchor's Porter
people gathering outside prior to the start of the ride
en route to speakeasy
en route to speakeasy
en route to speakeasy
en route to speakeasy
riding circles in the speakeasy parking lot
headed to thirsty bear
thirsty bear
thirsty bear
chuey outside of thirsty bear