Alden Grabit Pro

broken alden grabit-pro

I bought some bolt extractors (Alden Grabit-Pro 8430P) to remove a stripped and seized bolt on my bike.  My efforts with the extractors were unsuccessful – After a lot of effort, I gave up on the extractors and was able to drill through the bolt and cut it in half.  I was able to destroy one of the Grabit-Pro extractors though.  I’m disappointed in the product.  I took some fun macro photos to share.  It broke after I was finally able to get some “bite” from the extractor.  Maybe I ran the drill too fast?  Maybe the bolt had seized too much?  Maybe the extractor was defective?  Either way, I ended up with a broken bolt extractor.

broken alden grabit-pro broken alden grabit-pro broken alden grabit-pro