camping at big basin

I went camping at Big Basin in August:  Noisy campground neighbors, a fun long hike and good food and company.bagels on the toaster

I couldn’t help being amazed by this little toaster.  It looks like the “Stansport Folding Camp Stove Toaster”.  Though a little slow, it made toasting so much more fun.


A photo from the hike.  I have tons of the trees, redwoods and so on, but I think I like this photo more than the others.  We took the Skyline to the Sea Trail and checked out the waterfalls.

figs and corn on the grill

Black figs on the grill

grilled figs and goat cheese

black figs off the grill with goat cheese

looking up at night

The sky was pretty.  Here’s a long exposure of redwoods lit by the campfire.