east bay mini maker faire

East Bay Mini Maker Faire was rainy but fun.  The mini-sized faire made for a much more manageable experience than the gigantor (but awesome) hodgepodge of overstimulation that is the full-scale bay area version.  it was held at the park day school in temescal.  originally scheduled to be mostly outside, the planners did an excellent job with the rain contingency plan.

arduino lilipad for an electronic quilt project

Lilypad arduino – part of the woven futures digital quilt project

park day school lighting

park day school lighting

skull with LEDsLED skull

eggbot does halloweenthe eggbot does pumpkins for halloween as well.  It looks like the marker holder is hinged so that it just rests on the surface, which is helpful for not-quite-round surfaces like little pumpkins and gourds.

LED throwie

LED throwie

world's smallest postal serviceworld's smallest postal service

Photos of components of the world’s smallest post service kit from leafcutter designs.  Pretty awesome idea.  They send you a real letter with teeny writing and a magnifying glass for reading.  Comes with a custom wax seal, stamp and all.  check out their video.

forging by the crucible

forging knives via the crucibleice brainice brain by anja ulfeldt

such a cool project – it’s a growing (and shrinking) ice brain.  Refrigeration coils form the brain and water vapor in the air condenses and then freezes onto the coils.