The last of the Portland photos: Voodoo Donuts, Stumptown Coffee

From another day walking around Northwest:

At Voodoo Doughnuts.  They’ve got a large menu.  It’s so hard to decide.

There’s a mango tango, an old dirty bastard, a portland cream, and an old fashioned glazed.


Cappuccino and a shot of espresso from Stumptown coffee


We stopped by the Saturday winter farmer’s market at Shemanski park to meet some friends.  there were lots of colorful carrots including these white “creme de lite” carrots.


American Dream Bingo in the NW Pearl District.  “Dream More”

Upside down bicycle route sign

A beer at Deschutes Brewery.  I don’t remember which one :(

We ran into some folks on a Brewcycle Portland tour at Deschutes.  Andrea guides this 15-person Crawler Fabrications vehicle between breweries for weekday and weekend mini-tours.

US BanCorp Tower

This is an old Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo bike hooked up to a mill to grind flour at the Portland Homestead Supply Company in the Sellwood district in Southeast Portland.  It still has front fenders and a back rack.

A neat mosaic-y use of reflective tape on the fender and the rim and spokes

A shot of espresso from Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters.   I think I had found a recommendation to visit them from  It was a decent cafe but I was disappointed with the shot.   The one from stumptown above puts it to shame.

Tilde had some neat items, really nice people, a great window display (shown above) and some beautiful art on the walls.  I was really impressed by Marnie Karger’s hand-cut work that she sells under the named “Crafterall”.

A house in sellwood

We took a little trip to Dairy Creek to finish off the evening.  Here are the pool cues and some of the many beer signs at the dairy creek tavern.