Bike camping … with fries – 2014



About once a year, we do this bike mini-tour, where we ride from San Francisco to Petaluma to camp and to visit Lagunitas Brewing Company and the Willowbrook Alehouse.

We ride through Sausalito, Marin, Corte Madera, Larkspur, through San Anselmo, then to Fairfax for a lunch stop at Iron Springs Brewery.


From there, we ride through the tiny town of Nicasio, where these days we stop at the Nicasio Valley Cheese Company, then continue to the Marin French Cheese factory for another rest stop.


And somewhere along the way, your view is almost entirely comprised of Windows XP background images.  (The real location was probably only 40 miles away)


We stop off to get set up at the campground, then head to Lagunitas for beer before they close – still at a too-early 8pm.




But their early closing gives us a chance to ride over to the Willowbrook Alehouse, where we pile up our bikes in the back and pick our karaoke songs to sing… with fries.



The next morning, we get our gear together and head out..


But before leaving town, we stop to get fancy coffee at Acre to fuel up for the ride back.

a ride to pt. reyes station

We finally got back on the bike and did a long ride last weekend.  ~88 miles to Pt. Reyes Station and back.

fog in the morning in the Presidio:

fog on the golden gate bridge too, of course.  It cleared up as soon as we were finished crossing.

The Nicasio reservoir.  Our group split soon after – we went to Pt. Reyes Station, the rest to Petaluma and then Santa Rosa.

Old St. Mary’s church + Corvette

Riding back across the bridge that afternoon was a little hairy and a little wet, but this scene was absolutely wild:

this part was a bit scary with the tourists and the fog:

Chrissy field on the way back:

Latte at Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building to end the day: