Espresso at Woody’s Cafe – Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Woody’s cafe (1841 Park Blvd Oakland, CA) located across from the Parkway Theater and next to Woody’s laundromat.

I had an espresso and a turkey panini:

espresso at woody's cafe

The espresso was drinkable but I can’t say that I enjoyed it.  It tasted a little weak and burnt with hints of acidity (I might have liked it a bit stronger) and it also tasted a bit stale.  but it was drinkable, and I needed the caffeine.

turkey panini at woody's cafe

The turkey panini was pretty tasty.  The people working there were really nice and there’s currently a lot of interesting photography on the walls of signs found in oakland.  during the lunch hour, the crowd seemed to be mostly people hanging out on their computers.  I wouldn’t come back here just for the coffee but it’s not a bad place to visit.

the parkway theater:

parkway theater