Cafe Grumpy and Spot Dessert Bar

Food shots:

Espresso from Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea.  Mellow.


Dessert from the Spot Dessert Bar in the East Village.  This was the Yuzu Eskimo – Blackberries, raspberry foam, chocolate pearls, oreo soil and chocolate ganache.

It was a neat combination of flavors.  The most interesting was the Yuzu – a Japanese citrus fruit.  It had a very interesting tart herbal flavor.  The raspberry foam was very tart as well and predictably light.  The oreo “soil” was delicious as I love oreo cookies and the chocolate was yummy as well.


I can’t remember what my friend Diane got.  I think this was the White Miso Semifreddo with berries, olive oil, and raspberry sorbet with an almond tuile.