left coast right coast: week 11


Left coast / Right coast is a photo collaboration between Phil in California and Dave in Maryland.

donner lake moss

We took a road trip to Truckee to visit friends and spend some time in the snow.  We did a short walk by Donner Lake where we encountered this tree covered with snow and bright green moss.


This is a still from a video I took of me playing tennis.  I like the colors and that it was a warm day in February.


Truckee and Donner Lake

Truckee and Donner Lake, March 2014

donner lake

donner lake

donner lake

those are birds


ski lifts at sugar bowl ski resort

sugar bowl ski resort

donner lake, from rainbow bridge apparently aka the donner memorial bridge

from rainbow bridge, a view of donner lake

our wonderful hosts treated us to blueberry pancakes with olallieberry and maple syrup

blueberry pancakes in the morning

hike on the negro canyon trail and crazy layered clouds – are these lenticular?

view from negro canyon trail

looking the other way:

view from negro canyon trail

tanner, and look at those drool trails

tanner and insane drool

well-deserved burgers from burger me with quite a bit of onion ring on top

hamburger with onion rings at burger me