Eat Real Fest 2011 Part 4 – The Flying Knives Steer Butchery Competition, continued

This is Part 4 of a series of photo posts from Oakland’s Eat Real Festival, September 23-25, 2011 at Jack London Square.  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5, Part 6)

This post is a continuation of the Flying Knives Steer Butchery Competition – perhaps the most exciting part of Eat Real Festival.



Dave the Butcher gets the crowd involved.





Some cuts of meat start to make their way onto the display





Jose ‘Pepe’ Penaloza cuts thin slices









Dave goes hands-free





















Anya and Dave hold up a cut for the excited crowd.









A Tomahawk cut from the Yedra brothers and Rian Rinn





Damn.  That’s a good looking spread from the Yedra brothers and Rian Rinn.





The judges (4505, in this case) were swilled with beer to help take away their judging inhibitions.





Zach’s (from Shopper’s Corner)  “Santa Cruz – Beware of Locals” sticker.





Jose ‘Pepe’ Penaloza, rocking the Butcher’s Guild t-shirt.





Anya wows the crowd with a bit of her mastery of butcher’s cuts





Zach Gero and Josh Kleinsmith work together with the bone saw.









Dave the Butcher gets in on the bone saw action too.





Cuts of beef.





More cuts of beef from the eventual winners by a large margin Rian Rinn and the Yedra brothers.  They were judged on efficiency, accuracy of cuts, technique and teamwork.  These guys had hardly any waste.





Bone saw, needing cleaning.





Gerrit Van den Noord, Jose ‘Pepe’ Penaloza, and Adam Tibero of the Butcher’s guild still had a very impressive spread, topped with rosemary sprigs.





Adam Tiberio’s apron





Meat hook





Kidney, with basil





Another look at the Butcher’s guild team spread.





Cuts of meat, being hauled away for the lucky staff members to distribute.






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