photos from summer rides

we had some nice summery weather today in  Oakland.  Here are some photos from summer bike rides hadn’t made it out until now for whatever reason._1020603dmFound some pears off of Canyon rd. in Moraga.  Note – This is before I dropped my camera:

panasonic gf1, post fall

Panasonic GF1, post fall on what I think was Bear Creek Rd.

You see, I have a jersey with a small side pocket that I had fit the camera into.  I left it unzipped so that I could access the camera.  My girlfriend warned me that it looked precarious and she was very right.  I hit a few potholes on the descent at 30-35mph.  My back felt a little lighter and I heard a noise behind me.  I stopped the bike and walked back up the road, expecting the worst.

but!  Suprisingly everything was okay.  The lens had a nick on the edge but the glass was fine.  The LCD had a little scratch but not much else.  The body was pretty banged up, but, hey, the camera still takes pictures today and I have a funny (stupid?) story to tell.  I zipped up the pocket for the rest of the ride.


riding around the reservoir in  Orindariding up rt 4 in the stanislaus national forestwe did one high-altitude ride near Arnold, CA up route 4 in Stanislaus national forest.  I was wheezing from the lack of oxygen.  I do not have mountain lungs.  The 24% grade (see the sign!) probably did not help.P1020053dmPretty, but kind of scary.  Looks like you’re riding off the edge of a mountain.

Note: Mosquito Lake has mosquitoes.