bike and coffee shops in new york (part 4)

This is part 4 of the bike and coffee tour.

(part 1 of the tour and part 2 and part 3)

Abraco (86 East 7th Street New York) is a small space with a strong smell of coffee and a distinctive neon sign that is featured prominently as their logo on their website.  The beans are from counter culture, and the guy apparently has Bay Area roots and had previous experience at blue bottle.   For more information, there’s a good writeup in New York magazine.

Abraco’s website pushes some delicious looking pastries, but I only ended up getting an espresso:

abraco: espresso

The espresso, a ristretto, had a very “traditional” taste to me.

As claimed, the place was tiny and crowded.  Nothing wrong with that.

abraco: crowded inside
abraco: baristas
abraco: from the sidewalk

Sam and I continued walking in the east village, headed towards brooklyn but in search of food.

no love for BNE

We stopped by Dumpling Man for a snack:

dumpling man: bathroom

I only ended up with a shot of the bathroom.  “Please be good”

We took a little stroll through Tompkins Square Park and then came across Busy Bee Bikes (437 East 6th Street, New York, NY)

busy bee bikes

Nothing too crazy here.  You can see a pretty big used part selection behind the glass on the right and a pretty bright paint job outside where some of the people from the shop were working on repairs.

busy bee bikes: sunny sidewalk shot

Our next stop was Bike Works (106 Ridge Street, New York), just on the manhattan side of the Williamsburg bridge.  they had a decent selection of cycling caps here, so I picked a couple up as souvenirs.

bike works: storefront

Also in front of Bike works:

bike works: that's a big chainring

big ring riding.

The city was painting new bike lanes on Rivington St as we approached the Williamsburg bridge.  Fresh green paint!

new bike lines on rivington st! (or at least I think it was rivington)

Williamsburg bridge photos:

williamsburg bridge

Heavily covered with graffiti good and bad:

williamsburg bridge: I don't think this needed to be covered up

aand plenty crowded with cyclists and pedestrians.  It was cool to see the variety of styles.  There were old beater bikes, fixies with chopped bars, cheapo mountain bikes and nice road bikes.

williamsburg bridge: a cyclist, eyeing me suspiciously

We took a break to sit down and rest our legs in Williamsburg.  There was some group ride going on that looked more instructional than anything else:

back in brooklyn

we started walking in the general direction of park slope, feet and legs starting to get tired.    I happened to spot Bicycle Station (171 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, NY).  I went in for a bit.  The shop seemed small, and relatively sparse possibly due to the fact that they had moved to this location not too long ago.  A family came in with a bunch of bikes needing attention and they were starting the repair as I left.

I believe this is bicycle station

I stopped into La Bagel Delight for some food and then took a quick peek into Bespoke Bicycles (64-B Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn) before meeting Sam for a beer at Mullanes across the street.  It was well-lit with some beautiful signage.

bespoke bicycles

replenished and rested, we continued towards park slope.

Saw this on Atlantic Ave:

prizes! (trash)

worst prizes ever.  but cool tape job.

This little amendment to the BNE sticker took some planning.  I got a kick out of it:

"big nut eater". seriously, no love for BNE.

we had some time to spare before meeting up with Sam’s friend for dinner, so naturally we walked up and down 5th and 7th avenues.

Stopped into R&A Cycles (105 5th Avenue Brooklyn) for a second:

R&A Cycles: storefront

R&A has a big shop with many fancy road/tri/whatever bikes.

passed by Dixon’s (792 Union Street Brooklyn), so I stepped in for a second too:

dixon's bike shop wall. But this wasn't actually dixon's

Dixon’s is also a pretty large shop but their focus seemed to be used bikes and repairs:

dixon's bike shop: interior

We walked on to Tea Lounge (837 Union Street Brooklyn) where I didn’t get more coffee because I was already 2 espressos in for the day.  Instead, we sat on a comfy couch and rested.

chalkboard outside of tea lounge

I tried making a google map of all of the places visited but am having a hard time embedding that onto this site.  So, here’s a list of places that I visited (thanks again to Brooklyn by Bike and the New York Times Interactive Coffee Map! and the people who helped me along the way)

Part 1:

  • recycleabicycle
  • cafe grumpy
  • b’s bike shop
  • king kog
  • blue bottle coffee

Part 2:

  • oslo coffee
  • nycbikes
  • gimme! coffee
  • affinity cycles
  • velo brooklyn (bushwick bike shop)
  • lit fuse cyclery

Part 3:

  • recycleabicycle
  • stumptown roasters
  • conrad’s bike shop

Part 4:

  • abraco
  • busy bee bikes
  • bike works
  • bicycle station
  • bespoke bicycles
  • dixon’s bike shop
  • tea lounge