bike and coffee shops in new york (part 2)

(part 1 of the tour is here)

This is part 2 of my brooklyn bike and coffee tour.

My next stop after Blue Bottle was Oslo coffee (133 Roebling St, Brooklyn).

I took some shots  along the way:

williamsburg pasteup
GATS gets around

I couldn’t handle much more caffeine by the time I got to Oslo, so I skipped another espresso and had a cookie instead.

oslo coffee: storefront
eddie at oslo coffee

I told Eddie about the bike and coffee tour idea and he recommended a few places to check out in Manhattan.  I was surprised that it was empty there, but I think it was mid-afternoon at this point, which isn’t exactly a prime coffee hour.

I visited NYCbikes (spokes and strings? 140 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn, NY) next.

nycbikes (spokes & strings): storefront
nycbikes (spokes & strings): interior

I continued rolling around Williamsburg to Gimme! Coffee (495 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY)

gimme! coffee: storefront

It was pretty packed in here with quite a few people working on their laptops and it looked like some of the after-work crowd was coming in for a buzz.  Friendly baristas.

gimme! coffee: transaction

I didn’t remember to take a picture of the espresso shot until I was almost done:

gimme! coffee: espresso, mostly finished.

affinity cycles (616 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY) was right around the corner.

affinity cycles: storefront

The guys in the shop were pretty busy with repairs and they were doing some renovations to the interior:

affinity cycles: interior

onward.  Grand St. was being resurfaced but the fatty cruiser tires didn’t really care.

probably on grand st @ bushwick ave

I rode down to velo brooklyn (bushwick bike shop). (342 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) This shop wasn’t part of my originally-scheduled tour, but I happened to be riding by, so…

velo brooklyn (bushwick bike shop)

super-friendly and laid back people here.  One guy recommeded that I check out the biker cafe, boneshakers – but alas, I didn’t have time this trip.  maybe next time.  I browsed through their cycling cap selection and was surprised to see that they carried hats by local lady alloneword.  She had graciously donated caps to my girlfriend and friends who are doing AIDS lifecycle this year.

velo brooklyn (bushwick bike shop): shop talk
velo brooklyn (bushwick bike shop): pretty sweet walls

I headed towards Lit fuse cyclery (409 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) next.

dekalb ave
dekalb ave: cruisin bed-stuy
lit fuse cyclery: entrance
lit fuse cyclery: interior, with klein

I was taking interior shots at every shop, but I had to get one from this angle because I have a soft spot for kleins.  this Klein Rascal had the mission control integrated handlebars.   (Side note: I’m happy someone put together – the official klein page is just a product registration form.  boo trek.)

lit fuse cyclery: interior, alternate view

that’s a lot of photos.  next post is the ride back to recycle a bicycle to return the bike.