cyclists shot in LA while trying to prevent bike theft

While looking up information for a friend who just had his bike stolen, I found a link to this story in the LA times:

The shooting occurred about 3 a.m. April 4 when the two cyclists stopped at a catering truck at Pico Boulevard and Westmoreland Avenue and left their bicycles nearby. Two young men in their late teens walked up and grabbed the bicycles.

The two cyclists gave chase, and a struggle for the bikes ensued. Bopp said one of the robbers pulled out a handgun and shot one of the victims. The second robber managed to fight off the other cyclist.

As the two thieves rode off, the one with the gun turned and shot the second cyclist in the shoulder, Bopp said. “He shot even though he’d already got away,” Bopp said.

holy crap is right!

(stolen bike registry blog)

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