barefoot coffee and roy’s station

During a little South Bay mini vacation we stopped by some coffee places. _1030229dmbarefoot coffee roasters in santa clara.  Is their sign in comic sans? (for the record, I’m ok with comic sans.  Looking at this pictures also reminds me of this hilarious t-shirt.)  I also appreciate the Freedom Burrito and House of Bagels next door, but for different reasons._1030230dm

Anyways, here’s the espresso.   I had their rule of thirds blend, described by barefoot as

“a bright, complex espresso.  Aromas of apricot and pineapple upside down cake.  Butterscotch and brown sugar in the body, with a lemon bar-like acidity and a clean finish.”

I don’t think I tasted all of that – I don’t think I ever taste all of that.   but I did taste a light to medium bodied, quite bright espresso.  I liked it.  Jesse got a pourover of the $8 Hawaiian Ka’u Typica.  Really smooth taste.

_1030273dm We also stopped by former Mobil gas station Roy’s Station in San Jose’s Japantown at the recommendation of a friend.  I had an espresso with beans from Verve coffee roasters.  It was fine, though not quite amazing.  Shots pulled on what looks like a La Marzocco FB/80.

I’ll add these places to the coffee map.  Finally, some south bay representation!

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