ALC Day on the ride

Here are some photos from the the AIDS LifeCycle NorCal day on the ride:

Gathering in Mike’s Bike’s in San Rafael prior to the start





Bike parking




I took this picture for two reasons.  1) I thought it’d look cool with the guy kneeling and talking on the phone.  It didn’t turn out as cool as I’d thought.  2) Old school Trek Y-foil road frame.




Riders getting ready to roll out





and they’re off.. people were wearing bunny ears for Easter





1st rest stop: Nicasio Valley Cheese Company













peanut butter and jelly in graham crackers by Pierre foods





Ahhh!  got a flat on the Nicasio Valley Rd climb.





Not a good bike day for me though I felt fine riding.  Later in the day my rear wheel got pretty messed up from a pothole-filled descent.  Eventually the rim so out of true that it was rubbing against the brake pads.  I had to stop and do a little work on the side of the road.





View from Hicks Valley Rd





We cut through a more residential part of Petaluma – it was a nice little section of road en route to lunch





Lunch at the park.  Turkey + havarti sandwiches from Boudin.


We did about 65 miles in all.  I felt a bit tired towards the end was was climbing well otherwise.  It was fun to see a bunch of other riders out (~400 total?)  and to see all of the volunteers for the event.







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