Contraband coffee

full and half drank espressos from contraband coffee (1415 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109) a few weeks ago.  super nice service.  one of them was the ethiopian single origin, I believe.  The other their house blend.  I like the shot glasses for serving.  the single origin was predictably fruity and bright and the blend predictably more balanced.  both enjoyable.


I hadn’t been to a new place in a while.  I can finally update the coffee map!


2 thoughts on “Contraband coffee

  1. Hi Phil! We saw this post and photo on Contraband and wanted to invite you to join us for a super intimate evening with co-founder Nathan who will teach guests hands-on how to make a mean espresso, drip coffee, some cool latte art, and how to truly distinguish coffee via a tasting. :) There’ll also be snacks! You can check out more here:

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