Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe with my Dad – we arrived in the afternoon but luckily it was the time of the year when the days were long.  Our hotel was a little south of downtown, so we drove a few miles north and found parking near Santa Fe Plaza.   We didn’t have anywhere specific to go, so we just wandered around.  We walked by plenty of little shops and art galleries, and poked our heads into some of them.

We walked by the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi:


and a whole bunch of other art galleries.  We walked by the (closed) Georgia O’Keefe museum and my dad admired the adobe architecture.

I didn’t get any coffee partly because it was getting later in the day, and partly because Holy Spirit was closed:


We wandered down to the State Capitol building.  It was impressive and round.


And eventually made our way to Santa Fe Railyard Park to see some greenery.


There was a Railyard Piano project installation, and we checked out a few of the pianos.  I tried playing one, but it was in pretty bad shape.  Nicely colored, though.

santa fe

For dinner, we got some Green Chile at Tomasita’s, as recommended by a friend.  My dad’s first time.  He said it was “fine”.


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