Waterbar Oysterfest 2011

Some photos from the sold-out Waterbar Oysterfest 2011

I believe these are fried oyster sliders from Farallon?








House-made chinese sausage, oyster on a lettuce leaf by Prospect





a white fixie/single speed with a fatted calf sticker was parked outside




Epic roasthouse served a cornmeal-fried oyster with a slice of beef on a chive-buttermilk biscuit topped with.. I don’t remember.  It was delicious though – my favorite bite of food there.





the woman in the black shirt was the oyster eating contest winner – 73 in 3 minutes!





and there was a feast afterwards – corn, potatoes, shrimp, mussels and clams with half a lobster





holy crap this was so good.  trying to remember its contents: a crumby crust with an espresso-chocolate mousse topped with a layer of caramel mousse topped with vanilla whipped cream, caramel corn, and chocolate





view of the bay bridge from waterbar






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