The Mill Cafe and Bakery in San Francisco

fresh bread at the mill in san francisco

It was Bay to Breakers 2013, but we went across the bay, dressed normally, to get coffee and bread at The Mill.

fresh bread at the mill in san francisco Above: loaves of bread on wire racks.

four barrel coffee at the mill in san francisco

The cappuccino made with four barrel coffee in a nuova point cup was enjoyable. rosetta of the day: heart

interior of the mill in san francisconice interior with natural light

cinnamon and sugar with butter toast on country bread at the mill in san francisco

their toast was great.  cinnamon and sugar and butter on a sourdough country loaf.  thick, chewy, robust crust.

fresh bread at the mill in san francisco

mmm, delicious bread.  dancing food prep dude was into the music.

list of bay area coffee shops – with a bay area coffee map

here’s my subjective ranking of the best espresso/coffee in the san francisco bay area, complete with a google map.

[googlemap width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”,-122.306671&spn=0.2689835,0.371824&z=11&output=embed”]

key: more crema = better.  empty cup =  not so good.  Sorry about the funky anti-aliasing.



not bad:

drinkable but not pleasant:

  • farley’s (san francisco/oakland/emervyille, farley’s blend from sunshine? in san leandro)  Recently had a not good one from the 65th st emeryville location.  doh.
  • peerless (oakland, peerless)
  • woody’s cafe (oakland, ?)
  • crepevine (oakland/berkeley, ?)
  • riva (berkeley, ?)
  • starbucks (starbucks)
  • peets (peets)
  • uncommon grounds cafe (berkeley, uncommon grounds)

not drinkable:

  • none yet.  Maybe I have a high tolerance?

credit for working the google maps/wordpress hack: if you want to try this, don’t forget to add the &embed at the end of your link.