Sous Vide Brisket #3

Sous Vide Brisket #3: I haven’t posted #2 yet; maybe that will happen later.  This was grass-fed organic brisket that cost $9/lb.  I double bagged it with nothing added, and then put it in the water bath for 72 hours at 54.5C (130F).  I was targeting the bottom of the medium-rare range.  It was a much thicker cut, and the point turned out sorta dry and with a weird texture.  The rest of it was good though.

It looked ugly coming out of the plastic bag.

sous vide brisket #3

I added salt and pepper and then seared it with the blow torch.  Looking much better now.

sous vide brisket #3


Texture was soft to the touch, and the muscle fibers could be torn apart manually.  I made a gravy by reducing the beef juice, and it went well with the brisket.


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